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This month, we’re launching Grilled Pineapple, an exotic green tea blend with rooibos and toasty grains of roasted rice. But the star of the show? Pineapple. Let’s get to know the so-called princess of fruits.

Well travelled

The pineapple has a history of travel and adventure. While its roots lie somewhere between Brazil and Paraguay, it gradually made its way across South America, Central America and then into the Caribbean, where it was first encountered by Christopher Columbus. Upon its discovery, Columbus brought the fruit back to Europe, where it grew in popularity among the wealthy. It gained status among the upper crust as a decorative centerpiece, and hundreds of years later, as a hotly debated pizza topping. Now, pineapples are grown around the world, with millions of metric tons exported annually. Quite the journey for this storied fruit!

All in a name

Around the world, the word “pineapple” is generally translated as a variation of “nanas” – Old Tupi for “excellent fruit.” So then how did pineapples get their English name?

When British explorers first came across the fruit in the 17th century, its appearance reminded them of pinecones, which at the time were also called pineapples. The same title was given to the fruit, which soon surpassed its namesake. Sorry pinecones… if you had been more delicious, maybe you wouldn’t have been replaced.

How mature

From your local fruit market to grocery superstores, it seems like pineapples are always in season. Which makes it hard to believe that it takes three years for a single plant to mature. And when it’s ready to be picked, the timing needs to be perfect – once they’re out of the ground, they stop ripening. Safe to say, we’ll never look at a pineapple the same again.


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Pineapple Jerk Chicken  Spiked Pineapple


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