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When life gives you lemons, you’ve gotta make tea. So this month, we’re shining the spotlight on this sunny fruit in our Live Wire Lemon tea – a yaupon infusion that’s fresh, hydrating and super energizing. Read on to get the juicy deets on what makes this sour wonder so great.

Asia’s zestie bestie

Believe it or not, lemons have been grown for over 2,500 years and are actually a hybrid between a sour orange and a citron. Who would have thought? They’re said to have first appeared in Assam, a region in Northeast India, China and North Burma. So it comes as no surprise that India and China are today’s leading lemon producers, along with Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

Why so sour?


Ever wonder why people get that famous pucker when biting into a lemon? Blame the citric acid. Every lemon contains about 5% to 6% citric acid, which is why adding a few drops of lemon juice to your sweet and savoury dishes is all you need to add a little extra oomph.

There are three kinds of lemons commonly used today:

Meyer lemon: First introduced in the USA in 1908, this one is less acidic mainly due to the fact that it’s a lemon-orange hybrid. It’s the perfect lemon to use in your favourite baked goods.

Eureka lemon: This is America’s most popular lemon and can be found in almost any supermarket across the country. Known as ‘Four Seasons’ because it grows year-round, this kind of lemon is loved for its high juice content and acidity levels. You’ll be getting the perfect pucker with this one!

Lisbon lemon: You get all the juicy deliciousness a lemon has to offer – without the seeds! Originally from Portugal, this type of lemon was only introduced in California around 1849.

The power of citrus

We all know lemon is a great flavouring powerhouse. But did you know it’s also a rich source of Vitamin C? Not to mention its incredible anti-bacterial properties. Sailors even used this fruit as a trusty sidekick for scurvy prevention. And today, the British Navy requires ships to carry enough lemons so that every sailor can have one ounce of lemon juice per day.

Put your zest to the test


Now that you’re a lemon expert, it’s time you sipped yourself some sunshine with our January Tea of the Month: Live Wire Lemon.

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