Ingredient Focus: Lavender

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Nothing evokes feelings of calm and relaxation like lavender. The smell alone can put you at ease. Which makes it the perfect feature ingredient for our April Tea of the Month, Serenity Now. But apart from providing an enticing flavour and fragrance to our blends, this aromatic herb also has quite a storied past…

That’s a wrap

Throughout history, lavender has been used to soothe aching muscles, reduce anxiety, diminish stress, and promote sleep. But its first recorded use was by the ancient Egyptians, who used the plant in their mummification process, by wrapping bodies in lavender-infused shrouds. Talk about heaven-scent.

Pest of times

Its ability to help control pests has been known for centuries. As a pest repellant for fleas, mosquitos, rodents and other undesirable critters, it was quick to propagation during the age of the Black Plague, as it became a mainstay in trying to ward off the pests that carried the disease.

So fresh and so clean

These days, you can find lavender in soaps and lotions, but keeping clean with the plant isn’t anything new either. During the Greek and Roman ages, lavender water was often used in baths. In fact, the herb derives its name from the Latin word for wash: “lavare.” Now that’s fresh.

But in all its forms and for all its uses, we still prefer it in a cup of tea.


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