Ingredient Focus: Goji Berries

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We’re going crazy for goji berries over here. And pretty soon you will too. Don’t let their tiny size fool you – not only are they the rulers of the superfood kingdom, they’re also incredibly versatile (not to mention mighty delicious). This month, we’re highlighting goji berries in a refreshingly fruity tea you can feel great about drinking: Goji Green. So what makes these little guys so special? Read on to find out.

[Ingredient Focus: Goji Berries

Made in Asia

Native to China and the Himalayas, goji berries (also known as “wolfberries”) have been grown, produced and eaten for thousands of years. Plus they’ve been used for centuries in numerous traditional remedies like medicinal teas. Although these ruby red fruits are typically found in Asia and Europe, you don’t have to travel across the pond to get your hands on them. They’ve grown so popular you can find them in virtually any North American health food store.

The new fountain of youth

Even though goji berries date back to the early days of Chinese medicine, people can’t seem to stop talking about this tiny scrunched up fruit. What’s so special about them? For one, they’re loaded with fibre, vitamins, minerals and tons of antioxidants. But let’s be honest, the real reason everyone’s dying to get their hands on these fruits is because they’re said to have some serious anti-aging properties. Yes, you heard that right. Legend has it that during the Tang Dynasty, goji vines used to grow on a Buddhist Temple known as the Fountain of Youth. Once ripe, the berries fell into the fountain and those who drank the water had radiant health, glowing skin and aged more slowly. Talk about powerful!

Time to go red

Today, goji berries are loved for their natural sweetness and slight herb-like aftertaste. Sometimes referred to as “red diamonds,” these fruits taste just like a cross between cherries, cranberries and raisins. Ready to brighten up you next meal? Add some goji berries for an extra pop of flavour. Try them in a light lunch like a salad or quiche, with a dash of sparkling water. You can even throw them into your smoothies, baked goods or morning porridge. The possibilities are endless…

Now that you know all about goji berries, it’s time to get in on the action by trying our July Tea of the Month: Goji Green. Happy sipping!


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