Ingredient Focus: Cardamom

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What’s spicy, comforting and tastes mighty delicious is a cup of chai? Only the best spice on the planet! We’re talking about cardamom, of course. And this month, we’re featuring this super ingredient in a sweet and spicy black tea that’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy all over: Cardamom French Toast. So why do we love cardamom so much? Read on to find out…


Pick your cardamom

Did you know cardamom is the third-most expensive spice in the world? Recognized by its cute, little pod-shaped shell and small black seeds, this native Indian spice is renowned for its unique and lightly citrusy taste. There are two main types of cardamom:

True or green cardamom: When we think of cardamom, this is the kind that comes to mind. With their beautiful light green pods, this type is distributed from India to Malaysia and has a strong taste, with an intensely aromatic fragrance. It’s also the most common kind of cardamom we see being sold ground or whole in grocery stores across North America.

Black or Nepal cardamom: This type has a brown coloured pod that’s larger and longer than that of green cardamom.  It’s also native to Eastern Himalayas and is mostly produced in Eastern Nepal, Southern Bhutan and parts of Darjeeling district in India’s West Bengal. The coolest part about black cardamom? It’s distinct smokey aroma and cool mint-like finish. Yeah, we knew you’d like this one.


Spice up your day

It’s no secret cardamom is a popular ingredient in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. From Indian chicken tikka masalas and Thai curry pastes to traditional Pakistani sweets and masala chai (spiced tea), there are hundreds of ways to use this cardamom.  Even Scandinavians are getting in on the action by adding it to their rustic Nordic breads like Julekake and pulla. Our favourite use? In tea, of course!


There’s more where that came from

Can’t get enough of this tasty spice? Make sure to try our October Tea of the Month: Cardamom French Toast. For more cardamom, these other crave-worthy blends are the perfect way to get your fix:

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  • Alpine Punch
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And if you’re looking to really indulge, our Cardamom French Toast Bread Pudding Recipe is sure to be your new favourite brunch tradition.



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