Ingredient Focus: Apples

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From jams and crumbles to warm and comforting pies and toasty ciders, there’s nothing quite like a delicious apple to kick off the fall season. So, this month we’re highlighting this crisp, juicy fruit in a green tea so fresh, you’d swear it came straight from the orchard: Honeycrisp Apple.  Let’s take a closer look at the fruit that makes this tea a true autumn classic.

Three kinds of deliciousness


Whether you love Granny Smiths or are a diehard Golden Delicious fan, you can be sure there’s an apple to suit everyone’s palate. In fact, there are over 7,500 varieties of apples around the world to choose from. So to make things simple, we’ve put them into three categories:

Dessert or Table Apples: Who’s ready for a day of apple picking? From the iconic Red Delicious and crispy Cortland to the sweet and succulent Fuji, these juicy apples are best enjoyed picked fresh off the tree. Did we mention they taste delicious dipped in peanut butter?

Cooking Apples: Whether you’re making silky apple butter, apple sauce or your mom’s apple strudel, you’re gonna want to pick something that that’ll taste great boiled, baked or mashed. We recommend the McIntosh, Granny Smith and of course, the bright yellow-red Jonathan apple.

Cider Apples: It just isn’t fall without that comforting hot cup of cider. So what kind of apples makes the perfect cider? Apples with a high sugar content like the Gala will produce those super-sweet ciders we love so much. If you like your cider to have a bit of a bite to it, try a sharp apple like the Rhode Island Greening. And for something in between, you can’t go wrong with a Dabinett apple.

The fruit of love


From Adam and Eve to Snow White, we all know about apples as the forbidden fruit. But did you know they’re also a popular symbol of love? In Greek mythology, throwing an apple at someone was a symbolic way of declaring one’s love. And if the person decided to catch the apple, it meant the feeling was mutual.  Yeah, we know – how romantic, right?

Ready to get your crunch on?


We don’t know about you, but starting to crave apples over here. So it’s time to get a taste of one of the world’s most popular fruit with our September Tea of the Month: Honeycrisp Apple. And if you’re looking to get a true taste of fall, make sure to try this blend as a Sweet Apple Fritter Cocktail. You know what they say… An apple tea a day, keeps the doctor away!

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