Celebrate Iced Tea Day with iced teas from around the world

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As you reach for a nice cold pitcher of iced tea, do you ever wonder what people are sipping around the world? In honour of National Iced Tea Day, we’re highlighting the iced tea drinking habits of 10 countries to bring you some mouthwatering inspiration. So pour yourself a tall glass of zesty La La Lemon, sit back and stay cool as we tour the globe one brew at a time.


Tereré is a popular cold brew maté that can be mixed with citrus fruit juices like lime, lemon, orange or grapefruit, or with added peppermint, lemon grass or lemon verbena. Fun fact: it’s been dubbed the official drink of Paraguay. For something similar, try our Electric Lemonade maté.


Kick back and enjoy the sun with a glass of Agua de Jamaica, a sweetened iced tea made with hibiscus blossoms. This traditional Mexican drink is popular all over Central America, where people sip it year long. Make it at home using Queen of Tarts and just a splash of agave.


Nothing keeps you quite as refreshed in Egypt’s scorching temperatures as a glass of Karkadeh. This hibiscus tea is served both hot or cold and is extra delicious over ice with tamarind juice. Plus it’s naturally hydrating, making it a staple during Ramadan.


Iced green tea, iced oolong tea, iced matcha… there’s no shortage of refreshing iced teas in Japan. From monsoon season to the first heat wave and beyond, iced teas are a popular way to stay hydrated during those dog days of summer. Lucky for you, we have a bunch to try: Matcha Matsu, Gyokuro Yamashiro, or Tie Kwan Yin.


Hong Kong

A good strong black tea (like our David’s Breakfast Blend) is the foundation of Hong Kong’s iced milk tea. Both evaporated and condensed milk are then added to the brew, and the whole creamy concoction is poured over ice (or made into ice cubes). The main goal here? To not dilute the tea!



Sweet iced tea isn’t the only way to keep cool in the Philippines, but it is one of the most delicious. A simple iced tea – with lots of sugar – is often flavoured with local fruit like calamansi for a tasty twist.


South Africa

Rooibos tea is native to South Africa where they serve it ice cold with lemon, orange slices and mint. The addition of citrus gives this naturally sweet tea a refreshing kick. It’s also caffeine-free so you can drink it all day long. Make your own with our Organic Rooibos.


It just wouldn’t be iced tea season without bubble tea! Made with milk tea (black or green), fruit and chewy tapioca (aka boba), this sweet and refreshing treat is a fave in Taiwan. Want to get a taste? Try our Blueberry Jam Bubble Tea recipe.


Cha Yen is a sweet and creamy brew that – similar to Hong Kong’s iced milk tea – is poured over ice for the ultimate summer refresher. Prepacked iced tea mix is traditionally used as a base, but we’ve got a delicious substitute. Steep Kenyan Tinderet, with vanilla and star anise before adding both evaporated and condensed milk. And don’t forget the best part – pouring it over a glass filled with ice. Bottoms up!


Nothing says southern hospitality quite like a tall, cool glass of iced tea. Garnished with lemon slices, sweetened with sugar and served over ice, classic southern iced tea is the ultimate thirst quencher. Brew your own with our Orange Pekoe or mix it with lemonade to create a refreshing Arnold Palmer.

What iced tea will you be reaching for? Are you a purist or ready for a new, cold and creamy go-to? No matter your preference, summer gives you the best reasons to try them all.


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