Holiday horror stories and calming teas to get you through December

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The holiday season is upon us, along with all the parties, commitments and shopping that come with it. To get you through the most hectic wonderful time of the year, we’re sharing some of our very own holiday horror stories, followed by our top tea picks to help you destress when the Christmas spirit runneth over.

Yeah, we’ve been there…


Alex, Social Media

I’ve never liked malls and Christmas is the worst. I can trace this phobia back to childhood. I’d had my photo taken with Santa and while we waited for it to print, my mom went to look at calendars. While she was at the nearby booth, I thought it would be fun to walk (read: run) around the fountain. I fell in, in front of hundreds of people! I was completely soaked – my coat, boots, everything. The worst part? My mom wouldn’t even let me steal pennies from the fountain.

Roxanne, Graphic Design

I had my wisdom teeth removed on December 22nd and lived on cucumber and mashed potatoes for the entire holiday season. I was also snubbed in all family photos because it looked like I’d been punched in the face.

Emilia, Digital Marketing

It was the first time in years that we were celebrating Christmas at home (we usually travel) and my mom and I were preparing a classic turkey dinner. It was noon on Christmas Eve and everything was falling into place – the pies and cranberry sauce were ready, the presents were wrapped, the table set. At that moment, we realized that we’d forgotten a very important step: DEFROST THE TURKEY! In a panic, we heated up a leftover tourtière from Thanksgiving.

Billy, Tea Department

My whole family were driving cross-country to see our extended family for the holidays. We took a route that was much longer than anticipated, and we realized we weren’t going to make it for Christmas Day. We drove as far as possible and finally stopped at a really dingy motel in a tiny roadside town around midnight. For Christmas dinner, we walked over to the gas station and bought microwavable, frozen pasta dishes and sports drinks. Not ideal, but certainly memorable!

Sip the stress away

When the holiday anxiety is running high, these teas (and this free tea to-go coupon) will make sure you stay calm, cool and in good cheer.

Winter warmer: Sleigh Ride

If you’ve suffered a terribly embarrassing and uncomfortable moment (and are also freezing), you need something that’ll warm you up from the inside out. With its fruity blend of apples, almonds, cinnamon and hibiscus, sweet and tart Sleigh Ride will put the color back in your cheeks in no time!

Sweet treat: Glitter & Gold

When you’re in need of some TLC, turn to a tea with a little star power. Glitter & Gold is aromatic and comforting with a ton of flavour (to make up for all the missed sweet treats) and the star-shaped sprinkles will help you channel your inner star.

Calm and motivated: Maple Matcha

When the alarm bells are going off, you need a tea that’ll help you feel calm and collected, but energized enough to get things done. Matcha to the rescue! Packed with L-theanine, it helps promote feelings of calm and focus. We love the syrupy sweetness of our Maple Matcha.

Christmas in a cup: Candy Cane Crush

Nothing brings on the feeling of holiday cheer like a cup of Candy Cane Crush! It’s as festive as you can get, with creamy white chocolate drops, crushed candy canes and the cutest little snowflakes. It tastes like the most wonderful time of the year!

Sweet victory

Congratulations! You’ve successfully avoided a total mall meltdown and/or a complete freak out at your nearest and dearest thanks to the calming powers of tea. Next step in total holiday relaxation? A little fireside colouring, and FREE cup of tea, of course.

Printable colouring pages

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