Hangover teas: Your morning after survival guide

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Got a hangover? Never fear, our Morning After Survival Guide is here! While everyone has their own tried and true hangover cures, our favourite way to bounce back after a wild night is, of course, by sipping on a soothing cup of tea. Not only does it help you stay hydrated – the key to nursing any hangover – it also gives you an extra boost of feel-good benefits to help chase away those morning after symptoms.

Ready to feel human again? Show that hangover who’s boss with hangover teas blending traditional ingredients designed to tackle whatever the morning after throws your way. Just choose the hangover hack that’s right for you and get sipping!

Cleanse your system

STAR INGREDIENT: Juniper berries

Reach for: Organic Detox

So you went a little too wild last night – we’ve all been there. Flush out the party and give your liver some much-needed TLC with the detoxifying properties of juniper berries. If you’re looking for a system reboot, this is it.

Quell nausea


Reach for: Organic Super Ginger

When you wake up with that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, reach for soothing ginger. This zesty spice has been used throughout history to comfort upset tummies. It’s the perfect way to kick that icky feeling to the curb.

Freshen your breath


Reach for: Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai

Woke up with less-than-ideal breath? Freshen up with the natural breath-freshening powers of sweet and warming cinnamon. Your mouth (and bed buddy) will thank you.

Boost your energy levels

Reach for: Organic Queen of Tarts


Having trouble getting out of bed? Get back on your feet with guayusa. Grown in the Amazon, this caffeinated and naturally energizing herb is a quick and easy way to get a sustainable boost of jitter-free energy, keeping you awake and alert. All you gotta do is make it to the kettle first.

Stay hydrated


Reach for: Organic Rooibos

Hangover, meet nature’s sports drink: rooibos. This super hydrating herb from Africa is lightly sweet and a delicious way to replenish those missing electrolytes. And since it’s naturally caffeine-free, it also helps relax the body as well as the mind.

What’s your hack to nipping a hangover in the bud? Are you a water guzzler or do you head straight for that craveable greasy brunch? Tell us your tried and true methods in the comments below.

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