Freshen your Breath with Tea

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So, there was a little – okay, a lot – of garlic in that tzatziki. Or they forgot to hold the raw onions on your burger. After-lunch dragon breath comes in many guises, but no need to regret your decisions. Just steep a cup of tea with one of these breath-freshening ingredients and get on with your day.


Freshen your Breath with Tea | DAVIDsTEA Steep Thoughts

Cinnamon oil is one of the best breath fresheners around. Just ask the experts: the DAVIDsTEA head office staff. Every day after lunch hour, there’s a mad rush on our office tin of Cinnamon Rooibos Chai. While it certainly does the trick hot, it’s unbelievably effective when iced! Next time you opt for that extra piece of garlic bread, know we’ve got you covered.


Freshen your Breath with Tea | DAVIDsTEA Steep Thoughts

Used as a breath freshener since ancient Egyptian times, fennel has a naturally sweet flavour that’ll give you something to smile about. Today, we love a cup of Throat Rescue to freshen our breath before a big meeting…or a super-hot date. Speaking of which, did we mention that in folk medicine, this magical herb is touted as an aphrodisiac?


Freshen your Breath with Tea | DAVIDsTEA Steep Thoughts

Cloves first developed a reputation as a breath freshener during the Han dynasty. The Emperor found bad breath so offensive, that anyone attending court was forced to chew the spice. And if even if you aren’t scheduled for a royal luncheon, it never hurts to be prepared. That’s why we always keep a cup of Chai & Mighty close by.


Freshen your Breath with Tea | DAVIDsTEA Steep Thoughts

From toothpastes to chewing gums, there’s no flavour quite as ubiquitous as peppermint. With its cool and refreshing taste, it livens the senses and helps you breathe easy. No wonder we’re such fans of North African Mint. With peppermint, cloves and fennel, it might just be the freshest tea we’ve ever tasted.



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