Let’s talk about flavouring in tea

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When it comes to customer questions and concerns, flavouring is probably the number one topic. Is it safe to drink, what is it made of… and why do we even use it?

We’re always on the lookout for new tastes and ingredients, and sometimes we end up creating a blend that does contain flavouring. We’re always dreaming up teas that we think our customers will love, so we’re careful to make sure we have lots of great options for everyone.

The fact is, flavouring is the reason some of our favourite blends taste so great. We couldn’t create the rich dessert-like flavour in Chocolate Macaroon from cocoa nibs alone. Since delicious and innovative flavours like cotton candy, toffee and banana bread don’t exist in nature, they have to be made. Keep in mind that no matter how big the taste may be, the actual amount of flavouring in a brewed cup of tea is next to nothing – about 0.001%.

What’s the difference between natural and artificial flavouring?

Artificial is a scary word for a lot of people. But the truth is, the different kinds of flavouring have more in common than you might think. In a lot of cases, natural and artificial flavourings are very similar, they’re just made in different ways. Artificial flavouring is every bit as safe to drink as natural flavouring.

Natural flavouring comes from all natural sources, such as essential oils, essences or extracts of plants, spices and fruit. And when it’s made of certified organic components, it’s labeled as organic.

When a flavour doesn’t come entirely from natural sources, it’s considered artificial. Some artificial flavourings are almost 100% natural – others are entirely manmade. But if any component of a flavour is created artificially, it has to be labeled as artificial – even if the flavouring comes from almost entirely natural sources.

The art of flavouring

Why use artificial flavouring? We always pick the most delicious, best quality ingredients we can find, and sometimes an all-natural option isn’t available or just doesn’t exist. This is when we call on the pros: the flavourists. Want a tea that tastes just like a Coconut Cream Pie? These flavour geniuses will capture that decadent whipped dessert taste by using a combination of different flavours to create a cup that tastes just like the real deal. Think of it as a perfume master creating a beautiful scent. It’s a real craft!

Teas and infusions with no added flavouring

If flavouring isn’t your thing, you’ve still got great options. We carry over 35 unflavoured blends… and counting!



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