Dream on: what your sleep position says about you

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Side sleeper, tummy sleeper, on-your-back snorer, we all sleep differently. But what does your sleep position say about you? Sadly, not much. But collectively? Wow! Collectively, our sleep positions and patterns say a lot.

How we sleep – or don’t – has all types of ramifications on both our physical and mental well-being from sore backs and necks to how our brain functions, sleep is a sort-of cure-all.

We’ve matched the most popular sleep positions with our most popular nightcaps to help you get a better night’s rest.


Of all the possible positions out there, sleeping on your side is hands-down, the most popular – across the globe. A survey by mattress company Endy found that 69% of Canadians sleep on either their right or left side.

A UK-based study found that those who sleep on their left are more likely to work in marketing or advertising (guilty!), while participants who slept on their right, drank the most caffeine of the all the groups surveyed.

Caffeine Addict: Replace your last caffeinated drink (or two) of the day, with a caffeine-free herbal tea like Organic Calming Chamomile. And end your day on a low, not a high.

Creative Worker: Keep those creative juices flowing with fruity Tulsi Tranquility. It’ll keep you hydrated throughout the night and ready to tackle client requests in the morning.


Only 15% of Canadians report sleeping on their backs, and the drawbacks of this position are both common (snoring) and dangerous (sleep apnea).

Sleeping on your back, however, also has several benefits. It’s the perfect position to let your mattress do the job of supporting your spine. And it’s also great for those who want to delay the appearance of wrinkles since your face is open to the night air and not smushed against a pillow. (Though, real beauty geeks know the key to wrinkle-free skin is a silk pillow.)

Back Lover: Those who like nothing more than to drift off to dreamland while feeling fully supported, Organic Bed of Roses tea is a great way to send yourself to sleep.

Sleeping Beauty: If you spend your waking hours acutely aware that you’re never as young as you are right this second, get into the sleep mindset with a cup of Organic The Glow. Perfect for helping to keep your skin looking dewy.


If you’re one of the few who sleep on their stomach, we’re sorry. Of all the sleep positions, including “Freestyle,” a mash-up all four, dozing on your tummy is the worst. Not only does it flatten the natural curve of your spine, but it also puts a strain on the neck. The only thing it’s good for is stopping you from snoring. 

Luckily, only about 10% of the population sleep this way, and you can slowly train yourself to become a side sleeper with the help of pillows.

Tummy Troubles: We’re not going to let you get away with this any longer. Instead, you’re going to brew up a comforting cup of Organic Serenity Now, gather as many pillows as you can and turn yourself – literally – into a side sleeper.


We get it! Even the most disciplined sleepers sometimes have difficulty sleeping. About a quarter of all adult Canadians – one in four – are sleep deprived. Sure, the occasional late night happens, but chronic sleep deprivation can have severe implications on your health.

Don’t panic, but according to sleep scientist Dr. Matthew Walker and his book Why We Sleep, anything under eight hours is considered insufficient. Not only does sleep enable our bodies and brains to rest, a new study shows that it also helps us to shift toxins from our brains – something the brain can’t do properly on three hours of shuteye.

Send me to sweet, sweet sleep: Combat insomnia before it strikes with Valerian Nights, a decadent chamomile tea with hints of sweet caramel and coconut.

Calm my mind: Destress before bed with Organic Mother’s Little Helper, minty, herby and fruity it also has Valerian root, known to relax nervous tension. 

Before you settle into your favourite position, take the time to create your own bedtime routine. We have a bunch of suggestions about sleep rituals. Or if you prefer to start with a relaxing brew, we have an easy to follow chart to help you find your perfect nightcap.

No matter what you do, find the thing the helps you rest easy – in whatever position you choose – every night of the week.


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