DIY tea apothecary: Mix your own wellness blends

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Maybe it’s this long, cold winter getting to us, but we’ve been super into mixing our own wellness teas lately. There’s something about boosting your go-to teas with an extra hit of natural goodness that’s like taking a straight shot of sunshine. Boosting a stress relief tea with an extra scoop of calming chamomile can’t help but make us feel more chill, while throwing an extra shot of focus-friendly cinnamon into an energizing black tea makes for the ultimate study buddy. 

So how do you mix your own wellness tea blends? It couldn’t be easier. Just combine 1 Perfect Spoon of your fave benefit-packed tea with 1 Perfect Spoon of any feel-good ingredient and steep the tea as you normally would. Find a tea that’s got what you need here, then get creative with your personal tea apothecary. We love using herbs and spices like our Organic Turmeric and Texas-grown Yaupon, but you can also experiment with your favourite smoothie ingredients (think maca, lucuma and more).

1 Perfect Spoon of tea + 1 Perfect Spoon of your booster ingredient = ♥

The Buzz + Peppermint = POST YOGA ELIXIR

The yerba mate in The Buzz gives you a sustained boost of clean energy – read: no crash or jitters – while the soothing properties of peppermint will keep you feeling mindful and relaxed all day.

Mood: Minty, citrusy and sooo grounded

Ginger Turmeric Tonic + Yaupon = FOOD COMA CURE

Ate yourself into a food coma? Snap out of it with green tea and an extra scoop of energizing yaupon, then soothe that nasty bloated feeling with digestion-friendly ginger and turmeric.

Mood: Toasty, warming and regret-free

The Glow + Turmeric = BEAUTY BOOSTER

Turmeric has been the ayurvedic secret to a glowing complexion for centuries – pair it with radiance-boosting cinnamon, rose petals and rosehips and prepare to look as dewy as a summer morning. It’s not the fountain of youth, but it’s pretty close.

Mood: Herbal, floral and totally fierce

Tulsi Tranquility + Chamomile = DREAMY NIGHTCAP

This bedtime story of a blend combines the magic of tulsi (aka holy basil), an adaptogen known to help you unwind and manage stress, with chamomile – a classic tisane beloved by everyone from Peter Rabbit to your grandma. Sleep tight.

Mood: Herbal, sweet and ready for bed

Cold 911 + Matcha = DAYTIME COLD SHOT

You’ve got a cold, but you can’t go back to bed. Give soothing Cold 911 a boost with a shot of energizing, detoxifying matcha. That all-star combo of mint, eucalyptus and a kick of caffeine just might get you through the day.

Mood: Fresh, herbal and hella resilient

Kenyan Tinderet + Cinnamon = STUDY SESH SUPERBOOST

Add a dash of cinnamon – considered a brain booster and memory aid – to this energizing and honey-sweet pure black tea and prepare to tear those textbooks a new one. Study achievement: unlocked.

Mood: Bold, sweet and wicked smart

North African Mint + Turmeric = DIGESTIVE TONIC

Cardamom, peppermint and turmeric have long been hailed for their digestive properties, so it only makes sense that adding an extra hint of settling spice to this classic is a brilliant combo for sore tums.

Mood: Refreshing, spicy and unflappable

Throat Rescue + Chamomile = NIGHTTIME THROAT SOOTHER

Sweet licorice is praised for its throat-coating properties, making it a sore throat fave. Pair it with the calming and soothing benefits of chamomile and you’ve got a nightcap that’ll make you feel like singing. (We’re looking at you, Bravissimo fans.)

Mood: Sweet, soothing and a real smooth talker

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