How to make a turmeric tea latte

There’s no denying turmeric tea lattes are having a serious moment. Scroll through your Instagram feed and you’re sure to fall on a pretty image of this vibrant drink topped […]

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DIY tea infused bath bombs

Why bring mom to the spa when you can bring the spa to her? All it takes is this tea-infused bath bomb. If she’s like our mothers, she probably loves […]

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Green Tea infused Coconut Moisturizer

This luxuriously creamy green tea-infused coconut moisturizer is everything we could’ve dreamed of and more. With hydrating coconut oil and our antioxidant-packed Japanese Sencha green tea, this ultra-rich formula has […]

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Raspberry Moji-rita

Fresh mint, tangy lime and a sugared rim. We’ve combined two classic cocktails to make something fruity, minty and utterly refreshing.

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Tea-Infused Grapefruit Granita

What if we told you we created a tea-infused Grapefruit Granita that can conquer everything from heat waves to cocktail parties? We’re not messing with you – this magical refresher […]

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Caribbean Crush Tea Daiquiri

With sweet strawberries, Caribbean Crush tea and a splash of rum, these classy tea daiquiris are the perfect way to jazz up your next backyard barbecue or garden party.

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