Busy day? Never fear, tea is here!

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We know your days can be long and stressful at times. But you know what never fails to get us through a crazy workday? A nice cup of tea…or five. And these delicious blends are all you need to make it from sunup to sundown.

Busy Day Teas | Steep Thoughts

Rise and shine

Early mornings call for energy-boosting breakfasts that are quick and easy. Which is why we love adding a spoonful of vibrant green matcha to our morning smoothie or oatmeal.  Made from stone-ground tea leaves, matcha is packed with tons of yummy benefits. Plus it comes in different flavours, from green and grassy Matcha Matsu to creamy Ceremonial Matcha. Not to mention Vanilla and Mint flavoured matchas for a touch of sweetness. Now that’s what we call the breakfast of champions.

Time for lunch

Whether you’re having a sit-down lunch or an on-the-go snack, it’s important to stay hydrated. And our classic Pink Lemonade will do just that.  With rooibos, hibiscus and an invigorating burst of lemon, this sweet-citrusy blend is five kinds of refreshing.  Especially when you make it iced. And if you’re looking for a little comfort, it tastes just as amazing served hot – perfect for soothing a sore throat.

Mid-afternoon pick-me-up

Running low on energy? Forget the coffee and reach for a cup of Cinnamint Maté instead. It’s got refreshing mint and warming cinnamon – the ultimate breath-freshening duo. Plus it contains a super-smooth base of yerba mate, a South American herb known for its jitter-free energy boost and clean focus. So you can stay alert and on your game all afternoon long.

A treat well-deserved

How do we spoil ourselves after a long, hectic day at work? With a sweet treat, of course! And our creamy English Toffee is sure to get your mouth watering. It’s got an all-natural base of pu’erh, plus delicious cocoa beans, caramel and browned butter. Rich, decadent and oh-so satisfying, it’s the perfect little indulgence. The best part? At next to no calories, it’s virtually guilt-free.

Wind down before bed

Ready for a little relaxation before bedtime? Just slip on your favourite PJs, slide under the blankets and sip on a soothing cup of The Big Chill. With this fruity, caffeine-free blend between your hands, dreamland is right around the corner. It’s got an uber-calming dose of valerian root (aka nature’s valium) and a rejuvenating touch of mint – perfect for a restoring night’s sleep. Just one cup is all it takes to …zzzzzz…


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