Are you sweet or spicy this Valentine’s Day?

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No matter your mood, these irresistible teas and ingredients are guaranteed to add a little sugar and spice to your Valentine’s Day.

Set the mood

Are you sweet or spicy this Valentine's Day?

Flowers: Nothing says romance like flowers! Aromas, like flavours, have a powerful effect on the human mind and body. Our favourite? Roses. They express passion, love, promise and new beginnings.

Strawberries: Often referred to as the “fruit of love” because of their unique heart shape. Now all you need is a seductive playlist!

Teas we love: Berry Romantic, The Earl’s Valentine, Love Tea #7

Turn up the heat

Are you sweet or spicy this Valentine's Day?

Cinnamon, cloves, ginger: Warming and aromatic, these spices produce heat in the body and get your blood flowing!

Chili peppers: Stimulate endorphins (the brain’s feel-good chemicals), speed up your heart rate and make you sweat! Is it just us or is it getting hot in here?

Teas we love: The Spice is Right, Chocolate Chili Chai, Sweet Ginger Heat

Add a touch of sweet

Are you sweet or spicy this Valentine's Day?

Chocolate: Sensual, from its taste to its enticing aroma. Chocolate has also been shown to cause a spike in dopamine, which triggers feelings of pleasure. Some people swear it makes them happier. Try one of our teas and find out for yourself!

Teas we love: White Chocolate Rose, Raspberry Cream Pie, Chocolate Macaroon

    Raspberry White Chocolate Tassies | Steep Thoughts


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