Cast a spell with 7 supernatural tea potions

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Double double, toil and trouble; fire burn and teapot bubble! From potent sleeping tonics to glow-boosting youth elixirs, these seven wickedly delicious tea potions are packed with surprising supernatural benefits that’ll leave anyone spellbound. No witchcraft – just naturally amazing ingredients. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and discover them for yourself…


Love Potion

Tea: Cardamom French Toast

Supernatural ingredient: Cardamom

Story: This romantic spice was thought to have aphrodisiac and breath-freshening powers in ancient times.

Ritual: Brew it up as a latte for you and your crush and watch them fall head over heels for you after just one sip. Not working? At least you’ll both have fresh breath.

Preservation Potion

Tea: Stormy Night

Supernatural ingredient: Cinnamon

Story: Ancient Egyptians used this sweet spice during the mummification process to preserve the body for the next life. Plus Cleopatra loved using cinnamon in her essential oils for its fragrance and beautifying abilities.

Ritual: To keep your body looking radiant from the inside out, whip up a cup of this decadent concoction in the early evening and let cinnamon do its magic.

Lucky Potion

Tea: Pumpkin Chai

Supernatural ingredient: Cloves

Story: Not only are cloves used as a healing spice, they’re also said to bring about good luck and prosperity – attracting good friends and warding off rumours and gossip.

Ritual: Invite your squad to a DIY tea ceremony and use this tea to infuse your day with positive vibes.

Sleep Potion

Teas: Big Chill, Mother’s Little Helper

Supernatural ingredient: Valerian root

Story: Hailed as “nature’s valium,” this mystical root was historically drunk for its calming, sleep-inducing properties.

Ritual: Make a cup right before bed and let valerian root’s soothing powers lull you to dreamland.

Purifying Potion

Tea: Organic Detox

Supernatural ingredient: Juniper berries

Story: These detoxifying berries are so powerful, they were once used for clairvoyance and casting out plague and witchcraft.

Ritual: To cleanse and purify, drink a cup first thing in the morning for maximum effect.

Healing Potion

Teas: The Buzz, Throat Rescue

Supernatural ingredient: Licorice

Story: Alexander the Great gave this sweet root to his army when they were marching because of its amazing healing and thirst-quenching superpowers.

Ritual: Soothe aches, pains or sniffles by brewing several cups throughout the day. Sip on The Buzz in the morning and Throat Rescue in the afternoon and evening for instant relief.

Youth Potion

Tea: Happy Kombucha

Supernatural Ingredient: Kombucha

Story: Also known as a “living” tea, kombucha is an ancient fermented tea that’s been associated with tons of miraculous benefits – one of them being immortality. What’s more, it’s believed to be packed with good things that help your body stay in tip-top shape.

Ritual: Steep in your favourite mug and sip all day long to enjoy its delicious benefits to the fullest. It’s like a fountain of youth in a cup!


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