7 Chocolate Teas That Will Wow Them this Valentine’s Day

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If any dessert is symbolic of Valentine’s Day, it’s chocolate. But let’s face it… a box of truffles for breakfast isn’t the healthiest way to start your day. This year, treat the love of your life to a gift that they can indulge in without the guilt: chocolate tea.

With loads of chocolaty blends to choose from, there’s something for every taste and personality. Here are some of our faves:

1. Love Tea #7


One sip of #7 and you’ll find yourself head over heels. Mysteriously changed. Magically happy. Walking on air. How does it work? Frankly, we don’t know. Our blender came up with it and then just ran off with the girl of his dreams. Maybe it’s the chocolate bits that lower your inhibitions. Or the seductive strawberries. Or the romantic rose petals. Either way, this black tea is seriously lucky.

2. Read My Lips


Better than dessert. More reliable than sex. It’s a totally decadent combination of China black tea, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate bits and spicy red peppercorns. Plus it contains little red candy lips for a kiss of sweetness. In other words, it’s a completely satisfying experience with no guilt or strings attached.

3. Chocolate Chili Chai


A blend of black tea, chocolate and ancho and Aleppo chilis, it gives new meaning to the term “hot chocolate.” If you really want to feel the heat, add a splash of cinnamon whisky.

4. Dark Chocolate Delight


With this black tea blend, delight is just a sip away. With cocoa shells, blueberries and big chunks of luscious dark chocolate, it’s a deliciously rich taste that, much like you, is absolutely irresistible.

5. Cocoa Canela


First we take carob, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder and chocolate chips for a rich chocolate overload. Then we add pieces of cinnamon for a hint of spicy warmth. And to top it all off we add South American yerba mate for a seriously sweet energy boost. Muy delicioso.

6. Red velvet Cake


This sweet, lightly creamy black tea blend perfectly captures our favourite dessert. With semi-sweet and white chocolate chips, beetroot powder and little red sprinkles, it’s rich, delicious and a whole lot of fun.

7. Chocolate Orange


This delicious pu’erh blend has it all: big chocolate curls to satisfy your SO’s dessert craving and zesty orange peel for a touch of fruitiness and spice. It’s the kind of thing they could get used to. Which is good, because like the two of you, your sweetheart and this tea are totally made for each other.



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