Feel better with 6 natural health hacks

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Woke up with a pounding headache? Or maybe you had an extra helping of mom’s lasagna and your tummy’s not having it (we’ve all been there). Whether you’re dealing with stress, bloating or a stuffy nose, we have just the thing to get rid of your blah – and it all starts with tea. Featuring blends packed with some of nature’s most amazing feel-good ingredients, here are six natural health hacks designed to help soothe life’s little ailments so your body stays in tip-top shape for the year ahead.

Keep them in your back pocket. Your body with thank you for these discoveries later.

Relieve headaches


When it comes to getting rid of a pesky tension headache, hydration is key. That’s why we love rooibos so much. This sweet, caffeine-free and naturally hydrating South African herb is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals designed to help you replenish lost electrolytes and rehydrate fast. Plus it’s delicious!

Sip on: Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai

Soothe sinuses


Got a stuffy nose? Breathe easy with sinus-clearing eucalyptus – a cooling herb that’s long been praised for its ability to help comfort and soothe the respiratory system. When it comes to cold season, this one’s your go-to.

Sip on: Cool Eucalyptus or Organic Cold 911

Sleep better

STAR INGREDIENTS: Valerian Root + Chamomile

We can all agree: there’s nothing more frustrating than having trouble sleeping. If you’re in need of some shut-eye, try incorporating relaxing herbs like valerian root and chamomile into your nighttime routine. Chamomile’s soothing floral and honey aroma is a great way to unwind before bedtime. For some serious Z’s, reach for uber calming valerian root, which has been hailed as nature’s valium.

Sip on: Organic Mother’s Little Helper, Valerian Nights or Organic Calming Chamomile

Reduce stress

STAR INGREDIENTS: Tulsi + Lavender

Stress can have a negative effect on mood, appetite and overall health. Calming herbs like tulsi (aka holy basil) and aromatic lavender are said to help relieve stress and unwind the mind. Time to exhale and bring those shoulders down.

Sip on: Tulsi Tranquility or Organic Serenity Now

Boost your system


It’s super important to keep your body’s first line of defence going strong, especially during the winter months when the body is more susceptible to colds and flus. You’ve probably heard that a little extra vitamin C in your system can help boost your natural defences. We’ve added a sunny dose of vitamin C to a couple of our teas – to pump you up for cold weather.

Sip on: Sunny C or Honey Drop

Ease digestion


So you overdid it at dinnertime. We’ve all been there. Lucky for you, digestion-friendly ingredients like ginger and mint are there to help you beat the bloat. The bright, zingy flavour of ginger is a folk medicine fave for soothing upset stomachs, while cooling and aromatic mint is an essential digestive aid around the world. Say hello to tummy comfort!

Sip on: Organic Super Ginger or Organic North African Mint

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