6 Breakfast teas to make her Mother’s Day extra special

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We all know moms love a great cup of tea. And these 6 breakfast-inspired blends are all you need to pamper your mom on her special day.

Serenity Now

6 breakfast teas for mom | Steep Thoughts

Want to give mom the ultimate spa treatment on Mother’s Day? A gentle cup of Serenity Now will do just that. With calming lavender, refreshing mint and pretty rose petals, it’s a soothing blend she’ll want to savour in bed all morning long.

Raspberry Jam

6 breakfast teas for mom | Steep Thoughts

Nothing says breakfast like a spoonful of jam. So if you’re looking to add a little touch of sweetness to her morning routine, our Raspberry Jam tisane is a sure winner. It’s got lemongrass, chamomile and a fresh burst of raspberries. Serve it on a tray with a side of pancakes for a breakfast she won’t be able to resist.

Queen of Tarts

6 breakfast teas for mom | Steep Thoughts

With hibiscus, marigold blossoms and an energizing base of guayusa, Queen of Tarts is there to give mom the boost she needs to power through her busy day. Whether she’s dropping off the kids at school, running errands or headed to work, this fruity, tart and totally invigorating blend will keep her focused and on top of her game.

Orange Pekoe

6 breakfast teas for mom | Steep Thoughts

When it comes to breakfast teas, you can’t go wrong with Orange Pekoe. It’s the type of tea we love to snuggle up with while reading a good book or watching the morning news. Rich, malty and pleasantly astringent with hints of dark honey, it’s a comforting classic that tastes great on its own or with a splash of milk.

Ceremonial Matcha

6 breakfast teas for mom | Steep Thoughts

Looking for a healthy way to start mom’s day? Add a spoonful of our creamy Ceremonial Matcha to her favourite morning smoothie. Made with only the finest, most tender green leaves, this powdered green tea is packed with yummy benefits. Make it for her before her next morning run or yoga session.

Lemon Pound Cake

6 breakfast teas for mom | Steep Thoughts

What would breakfast be without a little cake? And with buttery oolong, tangy citrus and a hint of creaminess, Lemon Pound Cake was made to satisfy a mom with a sweet tooth. Not only is it smooth, delicately sweet and decadent, it also tastes just like a slice of the real thing. Dessert for breakfast has never been this guilt-free.

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