April, 2016

Raspberry Jam Gin Fizz

Get an early taste of summer with this fresh, bubbly cocktail infused with our sweet Raspberry Jam tea. And when you add a touch of citrus and a welcomed splash […]

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Power Berry Beet Smoothie

Deliciously fruity and velvety smooth…This vibrant beet smoothie featuring our energizing Power Berry tea is the perfect post-workout pick-me-up.

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Cinnamint Lamb with Chimichurri

Get a little taste of South America with these mouth-watering lamb chops topped with a minty chimichurri sauce. The best part? It’s all infused with our refreshingly spicy Cinnamint Maté […]

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Pink Pineapple Colada

We’re going crazy for coconuts over here. Not only are they fun and delicious, they also make an amazing base for a summer cocktail. And this happy-go-lucky blend of pineapple, […]

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South America’s pick-me-up: Yerba Mate

So what’s South America’s secret to staying energized? Two words: yerba mate. Sweet, toasty, smoky and oh-so smooth, this tasty herb made from dried maté plant leaves is treasured among […]

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